The future of Dead by April is here

Let's build it together

Why April Army, and what is it?

First and foremost April Army is a subscription based platform that we, the band members, built in order to connect more with our fans/followers/supporters. We’re uploading new exclusive content such as music, videos, images, live-streams, apps, games, confidential information, each month.

Secondly, we believe that there are big changes coming to the music industry. Without speculating too much, we believe that the big corporations running the show business today, will soon play a less important role to artists and bands – and that connecting fans directly to artists will be more important than ever. This platform is based on an idea that will carry Dead by April into the future. Regardless of what it has in store for us.

Because together we are so much more powerful than any label, booker, agent, manager, can ever claim themself to be. Together we can take on the world, take Dead by April to places we’ve never been, fund tours in new territories, make new exclusive content available at a faster pace, release music more often etc. Feel free to explore the 4 milestones we've set up below.

April Army already has members from all over the world – join our community and let’s build for the future ❤️

/ Pontus, Jimmie, Rosell, Wesslén

1,000 subscribers
April Army

If we reach 1,000 subscribers we will be able to develop the site with more functions/apps and other things based on your requests. Additionally, we will have the possibillity to add more exclusive content at a faster pace. In the forum section you can start threads and communicate directly with us reagarding this platform, and/or connect with other people.

3,000 subscribers
April Army

With 3,000 subscribers we can start planning and fund our own tours in Europe. And via a survey/poll system on the platform – you get to decide what countries we shall visit. This also means that we could schedule recurring tours/shows on set dates each year. For example; 3-4 weeks of touring in the spring or fall – every year! Additionally, since we're funding the tours through this platform, we could offer the shows for free. Or at least with a super-low ticket price.

5,000 subscribers
April Army

If we reach 5,000 subscribers we can do some serious stuff. Now we can easily plan tours in the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. And same here – this can now be set dates and cities that we'll return to every year. And you get to decide what cities to visit. And since we're funding the tours through this platform, we could offer the shows for free. Or at least with a super-low ticket price. Additionally, we want to produce more free merch to our AA users. And with 5k subscribers this will be possible.

10,000 subscribers
April Army

With 10k subscribers the sky is the limit. With all of the other features already included, we can now fund our own high-end music videos for pretty much every single song we make. We can fly-in AA users from all over the world to participate and be present in the videos. We can hire people to help develop the April Army site. Bring fans on tour in a separate professional tour bus that follows ours. Plan tours in India, Brazil, and Mexico. Release new music more often, and develop more games etc etc. Let's dream big!

Looking for our games?

You can download the game clients here,
however you will need a Rank 3 membership here at April Army to login to the games.